Word of Life missionary staff schedule select Fridays each Spring with local club churches to co-host “BigOvent” nights for each church. The purpose is to assist each local church with an evangelistic outreach event for children. The goal is for Olympian Leaders and children in that club to invite friends and double the size of their club for “BigOvent” night.


A series of fun interactive games, delicious food and an evangelistic message are jam packed into one Friday night club time. Word of Life staff help each church coordinate the games, staffing, promoting and refreshments while providing a gospel speaker for the night. Leaders and volunteers from the club church help with game coaching, security, transportation, serving food, counseling and registration. “BigOvent” night allows for children ages P2 through M1 to be involved in outreach by personally inviting their friends to hear the gospel that night. Discipleship of children means teaching them to have a concern for seeing their friends come to know Christ as Savior.


Contact Word of Life to learn how to schedule a “BigOvent” night for your local church children’s program, 232-9673




More biblical teaching - 36.8%
More affordable rates - 21.1%
Something else - 7.9%
More parental involvement - 13.2%

General Statement

The purpose of Word of Life Fellowship International is the evangelization and discipleship of youth through various means consistent with the Holy Scriptures to strengthen and build up the church of Jesus Christ.


Our goal is not only to provide a quality discipleship program, but also leadership training. Word of Life missionaries work closely with local church pastor, youth pastor, and lay leaders to provide leadership training throughout the year. This is done through orientation classes, planning sessions, training seminars, and period club visits.


Our goal is to reach the youth of your area through the local church.