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Word of Life Summer Camps

Word of Life Summer Camp is an opportunity for Children ages 8-11 and teens ages 11-17 to experience the excitement of a biblical community for a whole week.


Word of Life Summer Camp is held on Grace Island away from the distractions of the mainland and technology. Teens will engage in team-building games, great food, and more importantly God’s Word. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!


Any 15-year-olds and older have the chance to not just attend the camp but to be a part of the staff by applying for STC. Student Training Corp is where eight teenagers will work together to serve their peers and co-workers while being a vital part of the Camp, (to see how to apply click here).


Word of Life Summer Camp is an opportunity for any teen to have loads of fun while getting into God’s Word every day. For more details on how you or a teen you know can sign up call 232-9673.





More biblical teaching - 36.8%
More affordable rates - 21.1%
Something else - 7.9%
More parental involvement - 13.2%

General Statement

The purpose of Word of Life Fellowship International is the evangelization and discipleship of youth through various means consistent with the Holy Scriptures to strengthen and build up the church of Jesus Christ.


Our goal is not only to provide a quality discipleship program, but also leadership training. Word of Life missionaries work closely with local church pastor, youth pastor, and lay leaders to provide leadership training throughout the year. This is done through orientation classes, planning sessions, training seminars, and period club visits.


Our goal is to reach the youth of your area through the local church.