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Don't Want to Waste My Life

Ephesians 6:18-24

What do you live for? Schools tell us to live for the books. Life Coaches tell us to live for the future. The TV tells us to live for ourselves. Our friends tell us to live for the moment. Some Churches tell us to live right. But what does all of this mean?

If you are like me, there are many times where you have contemplated the purpose for your life, what is God's plan for me? Is it what the Church says to live right or are we to live righteously? In today's passage, we see how to live righteously, by putting on the full armor of God.

God is not some far off force but a God who yearns, pleads and implores us to have a relationship with him. Not a relationship where we are one foot in one foot out but all in. We loose our grip and we begin to slip when we walk away from this relationship and start to listen to the schools, friends, and social media.

God didn't have Paul write Ephesians 6 just for the Ephesians but for us as well. God loves and cares for us and wants us to succeed in life. That's why "Everyday I'm trying to show the world why, Christ is more than everything you'll ever try. Better than pretty women and sinning an simply living for the next 'high'"

God gave us His armor because He knows we are in a battle. Whether your struggling with the devil, yourself, others, or anything else God has given you everything you need to get through that struggle.

Don't coast. Don't give up. Find your strength in God. Put on the whole armor of God. Don't listen to the outside forces. Don't waste your life.

"It ain't no lie, we created for Him

Outta the dust He made us for Him

Elects us and He saves us for Him

Jesus comes and He raises for Him

Magnify the Father, why bother with something lesser?

He made us so we could bless Him

To the world we confess Him, resurrect Him.

So I know I got life

Matter fact better man, I know I got Christ

If you don't see His ways in my days and nights you can hit my brakes, you would stop my life

Then I lost my rights, lost my life

Forget the money, cars, and toss that ice

The cost is Christ

And they could never offer me anything on the planet that'll cost that price

Don't wont to waste my life! "

-Don't Want to Waste Your Life by Lecrae 

-Malachi Hall

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Wednesday, 04 October 2023

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