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 John 18:1-14

All of a sudden it seemed, Jesus' words (about abiding in The Father and doing His will) are interrupted by Judas and the arresting soldiers. But these are not two different worlds. This was Jesus' plan all along, the disciples just didn't see it coming. That's why Jesus said, "...shall I not drink the cup The Father has given me?" Remember although Jesus was 100% man he was and is 100% God, thus he knew what was going to happen and even presented Judas' plot at the last supper. Nothing catches God by surprise.


When the "all of a sudden" experiences come in my life, will I still believe the promises and truth God has given me from His Word? I need to remember that with God there are no surprises, "all of a sudden". He has been preparing me and is in control and I need to trust Him to be working even when I don't see anything happening or when the things that are happening are out of my control. God never loses control and is never surprised.

-​Mark Hall

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Thursday, 25 July 2024

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