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John 17:1-13

Believing the good news of God's love, closeness, and His reality in our lives is the truth that Jesus lived every day. The disciples were learning to believe this as are we. To realize that God is glorified by what He is doing through our lives is encouraging. God is seen in how we interact with others, in the things we do and say, and even how we think. Often it is easy to snuff out the light of God in our lives by putting our agendas above His. When we do this God does not move far away, we do. God remains close and is still willing to work through us despite our rejection and failures. God chooses to work with us through the grace we have been given by His Son. God keeps us close, protects, reveals and guides our lives every day if we let Him. We can know the joy of having God's love and Him actively working through us when we let go, and let God have control in our lives. By doing this we experience the same joy that Jesus had in following His Father.


I know we believe Jesus came from God and has returned to God. We also believe Jesus is God and has redeemed us by His love, grace, and sacrifice of Himself for us. Yet in the daily grind of life, we often doubt we are God's loved, protected, and cared for children. Lord, help me to experience Your joy of never doubting the love, acceptance and complete control of God, The Father over my life. This love, acceptance, and control which I have not earned but been "gifted" because of Jesus Christ does and will give me joy for all the days of my life.

-Mark Hall



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Thursday, 25 July 2024

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