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Your Love Never Fails

Romans 8:26-39

Most of us live with pessimism and a self-defeating perspective that we perceive as 'real', but it actually robs us of living in the love and favor of God as He intended. Our calling, justification, and glorification is a DONE DEAL, a sure thing from God's perspective. Yet we doubt, worry, and become discouraged as if God's love for us fades in and out of our lives. Life's challenges and disasters DO NOT change God's love & acceptance of us. God loves me and The Spirit works all things together for me so that I am a conqueror and successful because I am in Christ Jesus. It's not based on my day or the circumstances that I experience but on the grace of God.

Life Application:

These are true and yet difficult concepts to believe. We somehow choose doubt and defeated living as our normal, perhaps because this all seems 'too good to be true'. But oh the joy, oh the wisdom and humility of believing the CONSTANCY of God's love for me. I am loved and there is nothing I can do or angels or any created thing can do to diminish or hinder this love for me. Some who try to live by this love and favor from God get distracted by living for the things or riches. But the richest treasure, the most thrilling realization of this ROYAL LOVE and LIVING is that we have God, Himself as our Royal Father. God is a Father that is not willing to see us fail and fall to the wayside which is confirmed through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, His Son. God is a Father that will lead us to a life that not only glorifies Him but that heaps unlimited blessings in our own lives. The question is if we are going to let go and let God take control of our lives or are we going to do our own thing and miss out on the amazing things God has in store for us?

‚Äč-Mark Hall

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Thursday, 25 July 2024

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