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Is Seeing Really Believing?

John 14:7-14

Philip is one of those people who would say "seeing is believing". For Philip to truly believe that what Christ was saying is true, he would need tangible proof. For three years, the disciples had walked and talked with Jesus and witnessed Him perform several miracles. Was this not enough? Was being in the presence of Jesus and experiencing his miracles not enough for the disciples, for Philip, to truly believe that what Jesus said was legitimate? 

I can admit, I am very guilty of this. The call to follow Jesus is hard. It requires several sacrifices, and the ability to be okay with not always knowing what is ahead. When we commit to following the Lord and follow the will of the Father there is always some kind of cost. This could be, leaving family and friends behind, leaving a good paying job, or doing something that might seem impossible to handle.

Today's quiet time challenged me to ask myself if I truly trust and believe that Christ can do the impossible through me? The gospel reminds us, that the same power that rose Jesus from the grave lives inside of you and me. Therefore, we have no reason to fear any of the tasks that God places before us. We must have faith to believe that whatever God has called us to, He has given us the power to accomplish it.

-Bernadette Cabrera

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Wednesday, 04 October 2023

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